About Us

Founded in 2005 by Douglas Wicklund, President and Director, Wicklund Petroleum Corporation (“WPC”) is an Oklahoma oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) operating company managed by an E&P team with a combined over 100 years of hands-on experience in petroleum geology and engineering, exploration and field operations with both private and public oil companies. WPC works with other oil producers, drilling contractors and service companies (“Industry Partners”) to develop new oil and natural gas plays as an operating interest owner.

WPC was formed for the purpose of bringing together Industry Partners, the accredited Oil Investor and WPC, as the Well Operator, for the common goal of exploring for and developing natural resources throughout the continental United States. With over 100 years of combined direct industry experience, the WPC Team brings to their core group of accredited Oil Investors exploration and developmental drilling projects not only on industry terms but also projects that are on premium leasehold acreage and utilizing the latest well horizontal drilling and completion technologies.

By accomplishing this objective, WPC provides its accredited Oil Investors the opportunity to participate on the ‘ground floor’ of the oil investment industry where the highest profit margins are made. Usually this service is considered a reserved ‘right’ available only to industry individuals and entities, and is not commonly an opportunity available to individual Oil Investors. WPC understands that if an individual was to lease premium acreage to drill on, hire geologists/engineers, hire an operator to drill the well, purchase the equipment, hire a company to complete the well, maintain and monitor the well as it was producing, etc… the cost would be comparable to the typical non-industry terms that independent oil and gas investment companies offer to Oil Investors today. Like any other business, having the proper expertise is critical to achieving success.

WPC is a company with a proven track record of expertise and knowledge of all aspects of well drilling, completion, and the production process.

Leveraging its relationships with other Industry Partners, strong reputation, over 100 years of combined direct industry experience and efficient size to distinguish itself from its competitors, WPC’s distinct competitive advantages include:•A strategic relationship with a non-affiliated drilling contractor with significant experience drilling in areas that meet WPC’s selection criteria who also takes an interest in WPC’s projects.•Benefiting from the geologists, petroleum engineers and oil and gas consultants employed by Industry Partners.•Adhering to strict prospect selection criteria to maximize returns and minimize risks associated with oil and gas development projects.•Maximizing low overhead to make and act on decisions quickly in a cost-effective manner, and reduce operating expenses to its Investors.

If you have an interest in learning more about investing in WPC’s oil and gas ventures, please click here to contact the Company directly.