WPC specializes in the development of oil and gas properties throughout the Mid-Continent Region while currently concentrating on state-of-the-art horizontal drilling and development of oil prospects in Oklahoma. WPC is continually looking for new opportunities to establish oil and gas reserves and provide regular monthly cash distributions to its Investors from sales of oil and gas production.

In selecting properties for oil and gas exploration, WPC considers a number of factors, including whether the lease is exploratory, semi-proven, or developmental in nature, the geographic area of the property, the nature and extent of geological and geophysical data concerning the property, the timing of proposed operations, the risk/reward ratio, the size of the interest available and the level of anticipated participation by other Industry Partners.

In order to maximize returns and minimize risk to its Investors, Principals and Industry Partners, the WPC Team has leveraged their over 100 years of combined geological, engineering and operational expertise to establish certain criteria for identifying and developing WPC’s prospects and for reviewing prospects submitted by other oil companies for participation. WPC focuses on indentifying areas that will generate favorable average annualized returns based on conservative oil and natural gas pricing and production while minimizing exploration risk. These selection criteria include:

• Identifying areas with high proven reserves of both oil and natural gas where there is sufficient sub-surface data to identify new areas for development.

• Drilling in areas with multiple producing formations to maximize potential returns and minimize risk.

• Targeting areas where drilling depth costs compared with anticipated recoverable reserves will result in optimal returns on invested capital.

• Seeking significant participation by Industry Partners with the approval of their respective in-house geological staff, adding credibility to WPC’s prospect analysis.

• Drilling in areas with minimal logistical problems (i.e., adequate gas pipeline network, good well location ingress and egress, access to on-site water supplies for drilling/completion operations, etc.).